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We are thrilled to announce the establishment of The Knitting Circle. This is not a knitting store, but a teaching and social studio where you can take a knitting class or drop in for open knit hours. Need help with a project? We have help clinics! Payment in cash or check is preferred.

Check back for more information or sign up for our email list and receive updates of class registration, studio schedule, coming events, etc.

Cash or check only.



gnarledpaw will be at the Knitting Circle on December 4th with a huge selection of yarns for your pure knitting satisfaction.
But to make things a bit more fun, and customized to the Knitting Circle family, we've come up with an idea...

Here’s your chance to pick the colors and bases you want as well as win free yarn! Go to the Knitting Circle any time between now and December 1st. and pick out your favorite colorways from the poster on the wall. To do that, just fill out one of the little tickets available at the Knitting Circle and drop it in the bowl.

Or, drop us an email with your name and contact info along with your colorway choices and preferred yarn weights.

Click here to see the colorway choices

And then click here to email your choices to gnarledpaw.

On December 4th, gnarledpaw will be in the Knitting Circle sitting room, with the colorways and bases you choose.

Of course, if you know exactly what you want, you can note it with pre-order box on the slip and we’ll bring it with us.
Prize yarn will be awarded at the event.

You need not be present to win, but you really won’t want to miss this!

Award-Winning Knits!

Those of you who are at the studio regularly have probably seen both the -9 Degrees in March cowl and the Spring's Promise stole. What you may notice now is that each design placed in the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival competition! Be sure to check out the Judges comments attached to each one.

Download the Cowl pattern now and check back in a day or two for a link to the Stole (made with locally-dyed gnarledpaw yarn).

Find more patterns here!

TinaAward1 TinaAward2

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Some examples of TIna's work:



The Knitting Circle is located at: 1501 East Ave : Suite 103 : Rochester, NY 14610 : 585-442-8002